You ignorant.. being

It still greatly infuriates me to think about how judgemental some close friends of mine have been, and I am at doubt as to whether or not I’ve really taken a step ahead.

Would the inability to forgive one for being themselves be considered moving on? Because if so, then I’ve not moved on at all. Then again moving on is not really a general term that people take it to be. If a person has moved on from 80% of the nonsense that has happened, people would still consider him grudgeful for the 20% left, therefore he hasn’t ‘moved on’. How shallow.

But in this perspective, perhaps I have not. I’m not about to forgive my friend for judging me, and for volunteering to be the third party of a matter entirely unrelated to him. It is quite disconsolate to know that I’ve lost my best friend through a series of misunderstanding and bad misjudgment.

I kind of care too much to really walk away and leave things unexplained to her.



Almost everything under the skies can be replaced – as long as it is man made.

And along this lines, I think it is more than suggestive to say that people are also man made. Man made because, well for obvious reasons. But man made also because we are vessels of knowledge and experiences that have been shared, therefore there are many others. People only stay as valuable as the time needed to find their replacements.

Tiger, tiger

I could choose, right now, to just cut off everything, and not have the need to write at all. But I do. And I do have these because I still feel it.

Anyway, the Mentalist Season 3 has ended and it is.. the best crime show I have ever watched hands down. Nothing, would be as great a brain stimulus as The Mentalist, for me.

Right now I have nothing to write – there is no feel or whatsoever. My thoughts are all jumbled up and I need to decide on what to do.

Social Pariah

Never in my life have I felt so strongly to cut myself off and isolate. Life for me for the past 20 years have been one filled with many things but achievement, because I’ve never really truly wanted anything and everything that I did have always been secondary, and short term.

Perhaps now would be a good time for that.

It is important to maintain a healthy network of people, because a dumb man with a great network would be more useful than an intelligent man alone, and I know that. But for now, just for now, perhaps 2-3 months, I need to start laying the foundations for the life I would want in 10 years time. (provided the planet doesn’t get screwed and ruin my plans)

Let’s hope this works.

No more hazelnut spread

I’ve just finished the entire jar of hazelnut spread that she made. And it’s very nice, I think she is an excellent baker. It is a bit thick, though.

I liked the thick, paste texture of the entire spread. Too bad it’s finished now.

But it was really good, and it was her first try.