Emotion; the root of everything

What is the root of success? Ambition, luck, hard work, sacrifice, determination or a compulsive desire, one might say.

What is the root of achievement? Hard work, mental torment, hope etc.

And what then, is the root of failure? The lack of everything above – which does not mean that it’s absent.

The list of factors for the first two are never ending, I just typed whatever came to mind.

Now to the main point – if you derive the nature of every factor, it reveals a simple formula, and a key similarity that links everything together, that is: emotions.

Everything we do is the by-product of a surge of neural chemicals mashed up together, producing emotions. Emotions are what drive scientists and scholars to be intellectually achieving. Emotions too are the things that make criminals, terrorists etc. They are also responsible for logical and critical thinking, as well as things like stupidity and sensitivity.

Can you recall the overwhelming surge of emotions when you watch a movie, appreciate an art piece, recall a good memory, listen to a song, or moved by the actions of people that shoots through your body and right at your heart? The sensational, lifting feeling, or the sudden ability to be at great ease and patience. It gives you that immensely huge motivation to do something, anything. We seek it all the time. If you have it, well then good for you, go as far as you can. But what if you don’t? What if you’ve found it, lost it, and can never find it again? Would you find it? And if you have to go out of your way to find it, with a chance you might not, would you still even try?

In our society, one that thinks ‘with emotions’ is one that cannot think. We consider these people to be annoyingly oversensitive, immature and not in control. At times we even tend to turn away from people who display a great capacity for emotional expression. As such, we would never usually spend too much time trying to find it, and sometimes we learn to live without it – emotional dissatisfaction.

On it’s own, emotions are raw. They’re a raw source of drive that needs to be process and converted. That’s why we never depend on emotions alone to decide – because it is insufficient and it will fail to deliver.

And when the pieces fall we point quickly to our emotions saying – it’s them, they did it. We then go through a redundant process of trying to be ‘less emotional’, only to realize it is utterly useless later on when the pieces fall again. And so begins (again) the cycle of self punishment and self resentment.

What we don’t realize is that emotions is the ONLY source we have for inspiration and motivation to move forward and succeed. We blindly bury ourselves in the things we deem important and shut ourselves out to things that would push us off our paths, ignorantly thinking that we would eventually get there by doing things ‘right’.

Conclusively, in a society that soughts after only the intelligent, we only choose only the sure-win techniques that has been proven to bring success. Undeniably, in Singapore the true meaning behind the terms ‘success’ and ‘intelligent’ has been greatly diminished that I find it to be somewhat derogatoring when someone compliments me on my academic paper achievements or my seemingly witty remarks. Sad, intelligence now is like the ability to pull off a witty remark when it matters.


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