Facts & Truths

While writing that long-assed essay on emotions I stumbled upon a fact about facts. I’ve always been too busy trying to assume the perspective of people towards a certain topic, I realized that.. In perspective, there is no truth.

For that, I’d like to make a cheaply argued declaration based on my ignorance that: there is no truth in perception and perspectives.

Which is like saying, there is no truth in

And that there is no truth in the world.

The closest possible thing to a preacher of truth would be a robot, for it is deemed to be void of emotions and a brain to judge. But then robots are made to say what’s in them, and made to process how they are needed to process. So no, there is nothing. Perhaps if you could find a talking tree or mirror of truth.. well that would be cool.

Because we have a brain, nothing we say can be a truth. Perspectives can be twisted, and so can words. And truthfully I have twisted perspectives far too much that I can see truth in none, and in all.

A truth can be twisted to be an excuse to someone who refuses to open up to it, and an excuse can be twisted to be a truth if delivered proficiently with the deceiving art of language.

Facts, too, are a by product of truths. For example, there are 2 shop robberies. The first, by a man whose desire was to get richer without working. The second, by a man out of his wits trying to make a huge sum of money to pay for his wife’s medical bill, whose life now lies in the hand of this man.

Both were caught and the first impression ANYONE would make is that – he is a robber, he was armed. For that he is a criminal.

You may think it is easy to make people understand after an explanation, but not everyone’s open to discussion. A staunch believer of justice wouldn’t buy the story either way – for that the men would always and forever be labelled a criminal.

It is a fact that they robbed the shop. And facts require truths to support them when an explanation is required. So what explanation can be given to support a truth that then supports a fact when there is no truth at all?

Which is why perspectives and understandings of the ‘truths’ or ‘facts’ that we make out from others are never always accurate and almost always biased. So whose ‘truth’ should you take in and how do you know what to believe and what not to? I would say, as many as there is, and then let your actions be defined not on the ‘truth’ you make out alone, but emotions and instincts. Think I’ll stop here. It’s starting to get to me.

I’ve decided not to try and explain myself to her or to anyone anymore. There is much frustration in this that I shan’t address, much less vent. Someday, perhaps, if she ever decides to ask.


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