Humor; Asymmetry of Patterns 1

What constitutes a joke? A mixture of logic, wittiness, timing and creativity.

There is a torrent of thoughts in my head so sidetrack – I haven’t been joking for a very long time. The will’s gone. Really only joked with one person.

K back to topic – so we know what constitutes a joke, but we also think that jokes can only be produced by jokers and creative thinkers – NOT TRUE.

Creativity, much like ambition and love, is a product of positive emotional surge as well. Therefore the desire and ability to joke can never be evoked when one is feeling down.

There is also more to it. Humour is the main ability of the mind that everyone has been denying for a long long long time. So if it is, why is it that not everyone’s capable of humour?

Because we’re too dependent on logic.

Asymmetry = not symmetrical. In other words, not in the system. It is exclusive.

From young we have been trained to be logical and systematic thinkers. And that has resulted in a world of people only capable of thinking in the box, or within the cycle/area they’ve fenced themselves into.

If you wear a black shoe on the right foot, and a brown shoe on the left, that is asymmetry. And I think it would be the single, most important factor that would drive the fashion industry. If a man invites you to dinner, and you in return invite him to a drink, that is asymmetry.

Asymmetry, or creativity, is something traditional philosophers have failed to unveil because it cannot be understood.

Logic provides a step by step system that can be progressively analyzed, but creativity is like chance, it just comes and it cannot be analyzed unless applied.

Earlier I said that humour is a combination of timing, logic, wittiness and creativity. I also said it’s a reflex of the brain, which is also true. Therefore, it is not something that has to be added on.

Our mind is a patterning system (you have to understand this or you’d be lost from here on).

In a patterning system, there is a main track and many side tracks. If the mind had to stop to explore every side track, life would be terribly slow and there would be no point in a patterning system (that is, the main track becomes redundant if you keep trying to explore the side track). In addition, there would be a need for more minds to make decisions if you were to explore side tracks.

So we confidently sail through the main track back and forth.

But if, we were to get lost and find ourselves on the side track, we would realize that the path back to the starting point is very easy along the side track.


Like being served a steak with a fork and a spoon and not knowing that a knife exists. Suddenly you see another man with a knife and you realize – oh, I could do that.

Everything is easier to be seen and explained in hindsight, like the knife and fork. You don’t know it until it’s been made known to you and you realize how obvious it is. This is the essence of humour. It is the role of a comedian to place us at the hindsight, or back/side track. Something that cannot be seen in the foresight is suddenly obvious in the hindsight. And I think that is the key to humour and jokes.

(From the Internet) An eighty five year old man dies and goes to hell. There, he sees a friend of a similar age with a gorgeous young woman sitting on his lap. Confused, he asks “Is this hell? You seem to be having a good time.” the man responds, “Oh this is hell alright, you see – I am her punishment.”

There’s more to it but I’m quite tired now so I shall catch up with some reading. Will continue later.

I really haven’t joked or fooled around in a long time. :/


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