Humour; Asymmetry of Patterns 2

Nothing much to add left actually, except to address the problem.

For humor or creativity to be good, or correct, it has to be logical at hindsight. That way you can appreciate it’s real value, for it has no value if illogical. Therefore, if it is logical in hindsight, it has to be logical in foresight too, which is why scientists and philosophers have always preferred the systematic and logical way of attaining things.

The real problem is, I think we can’t. Because evidently, humor and creativity is something that has been continually and critically lacking in he society.

There was a way of getting about this chancing creativity thing but it’s something I’ve yet to understand, much less grasp. Will get to that eventually.

Starting to feel a little bit dizzy typing in the bus.

Thanks Sarah for telling us about wordpress it’s good.


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