Clones and Slaves

Such harsh terms to be tagged with. My Monday morning that was meant to be spent reading was instead spent catching up with Sakura, and the conversation was nothing short from depressing. Of course I wasn’t, thankfully, pulled into depression along with her.

I’ve never really saw the significance of discussion for this topic because it has always been attributed to be redundant, and simply a play/switch of perspective between optimism and pessimism. Well, until yesterday.

Sakura came to me with a problem. She was at the brink of depression – family not feeding her well, bad childhood, worsening academic results, and a big, steel reinforced wall standing in her way from being the cellist she want to be.

There was also nothing but hatred for humans, dissatisfaction with the system that is life, and almost no desire to live anymore. Too much love for animals, burdened with the incapability to protect. What worries me the most was that she was austere about it. But I shan’t talk about that.

I would agree to a great extent with her allegations that humans are.. clones and slaves to many things, some key things like our conscience and humanity.

As we enslave ourselves – and pardon my choice of words for I am expressing negativity – to the system fabricated for the general purpose of serving everyone, we become clones, or common vessels filled with the common knowledge.

Now, where we stand, we see successful artists, good music, and innovative ideas and solutions to our lives – all in the name of creativity. And we, in Singapore have nothing. I don’t intend to be blatantly ignorant and oblivious to the many innovative contributions of Singapore, I am simply trying to state that we are not there yet, and we are far.

Honestly I had a flair in art, when I was younger. I always wanted to draw and keep drawing. I surrounded myself with many ‘toys’ you could say, for I enjoyed making imaginations or day dreaming from whatever materials I had around me. I still do now, but just not as sharp and as much anymore.

Point: When we’re older and we have a deeper understanding and awareness of our surroundings, we realize that we’re almost the same as everyone else. Sometimes you’d wish you could be more academically gifted, or musically proficient, or just more creative, for me. We think it’s just the way it is, too bad. We weren’t born with it, there’s no room and time to try anything different because we’re in a race, and at times we think we have no talent. We think we have no ability at all.

Well, that is all utter rubbish. Because there is. The world is unfair because everyone lives for themselves, by themselves. You may think it’s not, because we have parents and other people to prod us onto the right paths, but the probability of us being in the right path is like probability of finding something in the last possible place you find – highly improbable. Then you may think about the things that define ‘right’. If a person is satisfied with his path, even if it’s not something you can accept or think is enough, is it right? Yes, it is. But only until he realizes it is not enough – ignorance is bliss. And this kicks me off my platform of discussion, because the right I am trying to define is the right of putting to full use the abilities you have to make and do good, something like the ultimate right, you could say.

The consequences of a generic system is that it makes generic byproducts. It sands away the rough edges and thorns that differs from individuals to individuals. We become clones to everyone else, slaves to the system. And as you progress stage by stage, your genetic gifts applicable to life like music, mentality, and art gets cut off and buried deep down, each time buried deeper as you progress through the system. The gifts in personality and features are ones that stick around.

Earlier I said that there is no point in all this discussion because we cannot do anything about it.

I strongly believe there is now. Our conversation was more than a conventional rant, and it’s also given me an incredibly new insight – things that have added understanding to my cornucopia of thoughts on the broad topic of perspectives, ethnics, prejudice and judgement. And thinking habits too.

There is a way to reverse this all and it is not easy.

There is a way to look away and find a better view as well.

But it is not easy.


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