Bad bad days

Well this isn’t good. I’ve been mentally unhappy lately and it’s proving to be quite detrimental to my overall well-being.

My last few days at work have been bad in a sense that I’m not mentally agile anymore. I feel terribly slow, sluggish and lethargic most of the time despite my proper sleeping hours/diet/workout. Ahh this is starting to worry me.

Also immigrations (aka the NS immigration) just called to say I’m not allowed to fly off on Friday because i’ve no return ticket and they probably fear that I’m trying to run away and skip NS or something. Quite fucked. Messed up my plans and now I’m waiting on the airlines to confirm if i’d be allowed to reschedule my flight.

In other things, I’m really still thinking hard about whatever shit i’m going through. Thinking harder if I should share it, too. Bad, bad days.

Back to reading.


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