No different

People, with all our problems, struggle all the time to live. We breathe problems, we face them, and one way or another we overcome them. And when we cannot find solutions, we share our problems with others, hoping they could fix what we cannot, yet. Sometimes, if fortunate, we have people around us who have been through what we are going through, and we get nudged into the right directions. But other times, in fact a lot of times, we find ourselves alone. There is no one in our lives who could help us, or so we think.

And when the problem gets too serious; one that threatens us and drives us into a corner, we do what we do best – find a way out.

Occasionally there are people who come into our lives for the sole reason of helping us, and bringing us forward. They’re like our prayer; people with the right words and right opinions. And they leave, once their jobs are done.

At times we think our problems are big because it consumes us, it tests our patience and our limits, and it keeps pushing us off. We might at times think – this is bad, why do we have to go through this? Why must it be me? Why am I so unfortunate? Why, must I be the one to face this.

And when we do get through it, we tell ourselves that we’re better now, stronger. And we are – at least until a new problem comes and knock us off our feets again. And so we ask ourselves once again. Why must it be me? Why can’t it be somebody else?

We meet people everyday and everywhere, people whom we know nothing of, whom we cannot care for, and whom we cannot know. We don’t know what goes on in their minds, for there is no label or indications on them that allows us to peek into their worlds.

But they may be facing the same shit we’re facing. They may have faced it, or perhaps they are facing something far worse.

We don’t know, because we were made to be ignorant. All we know is that we have problems.

Now, if you were on top, the Puppet Master to all of us, you would know that our problems, no matter how consuming, how grievous, how draining – they are nothing to you.

It may seem then, that everyone is the same. That our problems are just problems that others may have.

We are no different from anyone else.


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