Australia – Arrival

My legs grew numb, literally. I couldn’t feel them as I walked from the airport to the car. Probably why everyone kept looking at my shorts.

Anyway, the plane trip was rather satisfying. Caught the King’s Speech again (without the ability to text now so I had to focus) and The Fighter. Brilliant shows. This Australian guy STOLE MY WINDOW SEAT BUT IT’S OK CAUSE IT’S AT NIGHT AND THERE’S NOTHING TO SEE.

Dinner, breakfast, some cathartical Beethoven/Mozart/Mahler moments while sleeping, and thoughts which I shan’t reveal.

Wearing 4 layers now (singlet, Tshirt, sweater, jacket) but I’m still freezing. Probably because of the shorts. Love my shorts but I shan’t freeze to death because of them. I’ll change after this post.

Sydney’s been amazing so far. Made plans to go gliding, the aquarium, the blow hole, university of Sydney visit, got transport and stuff settled. Pancakes for lunch woohoohoo. Inappropriate but it’ll make the trip worthwhile. The area’s great, and the environment/people are terrific. Shall blog more tonight perhaps. Catching up with sleep. But this is probably it for day 1.


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