So I thought about posting my 7 posts of my stay in Australia, but then suddenly I’ve decided not to. It’s this sudden stir of different thoughts and emotions that compels me to share/write anything.

I mean, the trip’s been freaking amazing, and life changing clearly. I’ve pretty much met the objectives of this trip within the first week of stay and I’ve another week left. It’s kind of my perfect getaway.

And no one’s here.

Nobody. No one from Singapore.

Fuck, it’s really good.

I am away and alone, quite like the solitary person I’ve always wanted to be. And I’ve a really good friend here, and an aunt (family) who are extremely religious yet open minded and caring and welcoming and generous (she gave me $200 AUD and I spent it putting my receipt at $572, $272 over my limit).

But most importantly I have environment, resources, people. There are people from everywhere around the world, and they’re nice. There are people you could talk to in the streets, strangers whose name you don’t need to know. There are the right people and the right sources of influences and knowledge that you can seek, always at it’s best with the freedom it has. There is space, there is harmony, there is life.

This is something right here. This.. New life.

And I am going back. Soon.

So I think I’ll keep this amazing trip within the walls of my mind. Let it be valuable, and let it be an individual.



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