A Good Day


Seeing that I’ll be reading a lot I think I might begin to blog again. Feel like writing out so much more, and I’ve finally embarked on a more social path now hohoho hopefully I’d be able to accomplish this side achievement by the end of POP.

National Service has been nothing short of interesting. Everyday, and at every moment, something interesting happens. I don’t know how to describe my fortune – this year, as well as last has been a good year for me. Good friends, good trip, new friends, good and new reads/books, better moments with my family, good National Service company, and good people in the company as well – funny, entertaining people. By far potentially the most interesting/best/slackest company. Fortune, yes indeed. I haven’t had much trouble in the past entire year. I’ve had good haul of moments as well. My friends have all been good, my family have been good – everything’s just good.

As for plans after National Service and career-wise, psychiatrist, DEFINITELY.

I’m overwhelmingly inspired by the wisdom of M. Scott, author of The Road Less Travelled.


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