Good with words

From time to time I’ve pictured myself to some day be highly eloquent in speech with the English Language, with that slight charm or charisma in personality ahaha. It is rather strange that I’ve decided to admit this but it is also true that this is one of the things I hope to accomplish.

The art of language, and the ability to speak exceedingly well – it does impel me greatly. Some day, some day. This does mean I’ve to break some bad habits. I’ll give it a go starting tomorrow.

But while I am on this topic, it just occured to me that the way a person speaks and carries himself (mostly speak) reveals a lot about his way of life to a great extent. A lazy man who laze around a lot and makes close to no effort to do anything would speak in such a way that his words would reek of his laziness. Same goes to a lawyer or a doctor or politicians – people who lead lives of strict orderliness and decorum. They tend to speak and carry themselves in a highly polarized way as compared to others. Speaking, I think, is an unconscious act of consciousness – the consciousness of making effort and choosing what you want. If you surround yourself with well speaking people then you would find yourself making a much more tremendous effort in ensuring that your eloquence in speech is on par with those of your circle as compared to one who lives a life being surrounded by Singaporean English.

So in speech you find (some) ways that a person carry themselves, and what better way to make a better impression than to speak and dress humbly well?


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