The will to extend one’s self

“The will to extend one’s self for one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” – M. Scott Peck

In The Closing, I attempted to express myself within the walls of my limitations. I used no external sources or materials to write, which I think now was stupid and lazy of me. What purpose is there in doing anything if not for growth? Perhaps I gained clarity in thought, or hoped to achieve something of that sort but it doesn’t feel as satisfying now.

Anyway, now that I’ve decided to begin writing again – this time with a more conscious effort to ensure that I write well, I thought I might carry on writing on this blog.

So I came across this brilliant and both mentally and spiritually enriching book – a book that I’ve now grown to be attached to: The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck.

The outcome of the past few weeks have someone revealed to be highly positive – much like how the weeks before that have been. It has been phenomenal and this, to a certain extent, surprises me. There is a level of satisfaction that embraces me when I think about it now – there hasn’t been a single dull moment despite the fact that I’ve been doing what I’ve always been doing and nothing has changed.

This week, I’ve decided on what I want to pursue and achieve – like career wise. Like M. Scott Peck, I will go into the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Mad, yes. Carisse tweeted an intelligently designed quote – Don’t make permanent decisions from temporary emotions. But while it is easier said than done, most people cannot differentiate a temporary and a permanent emotion and they don’t have to because emotions are both temporary and permanent. They reveal themselves when they need to be revealed but they’re always there.

So I thought about that, and thought about whether or not this sudden desire to pursue psychiatry now instead of before is a result of my incapability to comprehend the awesomosity that is the wisdom of the book. But no, it is not.

When I opened the book for the first time, I teared. From the first page. And guess what was written on the first page?


“To my parents..” came across so strongly to me because what I am now is a result of the love and value I’ve been showered with, which I shall talk more in the next post entitled ‘Discipline’.

“..whose discipline and love gave me the eyes to see grace”

this.. well she came to mind.


It is a beautifully constructed dedication, I feel.


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