Well due to certain factors I’ve found myself constantly losing motivation to persevere through National Service, but today I sort of found renewed motivation and I think this time it could probably stick around for a little. Before, it’s ideally been based on achieving things.

Well actually this one is also based on achieving, but it involves only myself.

Assuming we take success and failure to be absolutes, then you can only succeed and fail. Now assume that to succeed, you require will and growth, and to fail you require laziness and fear. But then again, fearing is the laziness to attempt to overcome that fear. K so there is only will/growth and laziness. So the only one impediment to growth (which = will, which = success) is laziness.

If I make an effort to overcome laziness (which means making an effort to overcome failure) then there is only growth (success). With this simple perspective I’ve come to realize that I am a terribly lazy person NOT only when I am being lazy but also when I am making an attempt to not be lazy. From this, I found motivation to overcome laziness, because the reward of overcoming laziness is a lifelong of success. And if I could begin right now, and grow gradually, what better way would it be than to begin with National Service? Seriously field camp + road march + all the other redundant orders and crap all in one shot.

It is in the will of everyone to overcome anything, and it is in the laziness of everyone to not do anything.

The reward of overcoming laziness is quite appealing, truthfully. I just I have enough motivation to make it last.




And then I thought about how I could prolong this motivation. What if I get unmotivated by unmotivated people? Laziness is a disease and it spreads like crazy and it’s in everyone. I’ll be surrounded by people, I’ll be exhausted and I will want to rest. How do I persevere and ensure that I would still have motivation? To this problem, I have a simple yet terribly hard solution.


If I could motivate the people around me (bunk mates) and make them all motivated to overcome their own laziness then I would find myself constantly in the presence of self-motivated people. Laziness spreads, but so does motivation. The motivation would rub off from someone else and onto me, and perhaps with some will to overcome laziness I could keep going.

Crazy idea, doubtful it would work but it seems interesting enough for me to want to try.


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