Getting back into the game

Crazy, Stupid Love was actually much better than I expected. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. And honestly, it was especially nice that I caught it with Sarah.

So today (and tomorrow) are the last days before we become jungle ponies. Speaking of ponies, I swear we’re like ponies. We’re from School 3 of BMTC, and in School 3 there’re about 5-6 companies – Pegasus, Raven, Scorpion, Taurus, Ulysses, Viper and Whiskey. I have no idea what Ulysses is, but I’d like to stay ignorant. Anyway, so today we were having the usual preparation for field camp which begins on Thursday, and like usual, Platoon 3 (ours) seem to be enjoying every single moment. I’ve never expected BMT to be THIS enjoyable, and we’ve only 5 weeks left to POP. We started talking about the intensity of training of the other companies, and we discussed Raven especially – poor chaps. They’re right next to us and we see them getting mentally and physically tormented EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Apparently we enjoy being labelled as an adorable and cute company.

“Pegasus ah, you guys should be happy that you’re in this company man. Aren’t you guys proud of being flying ponies? We’re the only mystical creature. So cute and innocent.”

And so from now on we’ve begun marching and replaced ‘Pegasus’ with ‘Peggies’. Wouldn’t be surprised if we begin marching and using Ponies instead.

EH DAMN CHALET SERIOUSLY. Someone brought speakers, and we’ve been playing music allll day. Surprisingly the morale for field camp’s pretty high. Saves me the effort of having to motivate people hohoho.



I went to my Commanders today and brought up my personal issues and I explained how it’s bothering me. Somehow I wasn’t able to deliver the right level of intensity; they didn’t seem to see how much it was bothering me. Which really is quite alright because I’m not going to ever tell them that loneliness is bothering me. So I sat in with my Officer and for almost an hour I tried explaining what was wrong with me. But while expressing myself I learned that there was actually nothing wrong with me. It was as I’ve realized while whatsapp-ing Sarah. I silently judge and constantly categorize people, taking in pieces by pieces of their personality. But all I’m doing is waiting around, for the puzzles to come.

I need to relax more I think; I’m being too hard on myself.

I came into BMT telling myself that I’ve to learn to try and socialize, but it’s been 5 weeks and the current gameplan hasn’t really worked.

I changed it today, and to my surprise I found myself conversing on a rather ‘deep’ level with my bunk mates.

Funny, how things work out.



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