Who are you to judge what hardship people are facing?

Who are you to judge what problems people are facing?

And who are you to assume that everyone should deal with their problems the way you deal with yours?

I was just walking back when I recalled a friend in NS being dejected for saying ‘My hands have too much cuts and blisters to participate’. Instead of trying to understand they decided to assume the typical judgmental and condescending role of saying ‘Everyone has cuts and blisters too, just suck thumb and do.’

In a more harsh and aggressive tone, man up.

This is quite a weak example but it is also simple.

We may all be in the army together, doing the same things, going through the same challenges etc, but we are not the same. We are all individuals and we are all different. We have different experiences growing up. How can you assume that others should deal with their problems the way you do with yours? When you grow you supersede your previous self and therefore see that old self to be inferior. But just because a person comes and display that similar trait does not make him inferior.

We are all the same but we have different stories, different problems, different experiences. We should all try to be more understanding, to take a moment to try and understand before assuming, and help out. Afterall we are all here to grow and learn to work as a team, which means together.

What if someone comes and say ‘I can’t adapt to this army life.’ when EVERYONE can. He may come from a wealthy family, always being well fed and well taken care of, and never been exposed to such hardship. What good would shunning him do to him and to you? Is it his fault he has that life?

(to be continued and edited, distracted)

I am looking forward to saying all of this to my entire platoon, but I’d probably have an anxiety attack because I’ve never felt empowered enough to talk to people about such stuff without their consent or request. For most cases i’ve only had friends who come to me and say, ‘Fairuz, how?’ It is only when people come to me and request, or ask do I then find the capability to talk. Because when you ask, you are putting yourself down, and lifting me up, and I would then feel impelled to pull you up if it is within my capabilities to do so. So to my friends who have asked me questions or help in hard times etc, I’d like to thank you for allowing me to be with you through that moment. And for those who have helped me through mine, thank you for wanting to be there.


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