It takes one to know one

Until recently I’ve grown to see great truth in this quote; before it was merely simply used in vengeful moments, or simply just cheaply used. But now it seems to be making so much more sense. I spent my morning making breakfast, and I was just surfing Facebook when I decided to pay a visit to my cousin’s (in Australia) page and that was where I quite decided to blog about this. From the posts, the friends, the pictures, and the distinct memories of my visit/stay there (with I Would Do Anything For You – Foster the People, on shuffle in the background) it further elevated my already high spirit. To stay truthful to your ways despite the constant thought of needing self reflection and the critical need for change when you cannot blend in, especially in situations where circumstances demand it, is quite unfavourable for your well-being. It takes a lot of mental strength, a lot more will power, determination and sometimes ignorance and self love to keep stable and strong when you know you don’t have an identity in your society. Waking up and going to work, doing the things you do, talking to colleagues and friends, and yet nobody truly knows you. Sometimes we do not have much opportunities that allow us to find our identity in the daily things we do. We don’t have the moments that allows us to throw out and reveal a piece of our personality puzzle. Then there are times when I wonder if I am the one with the problem. Where are the similar people? Where are they? How can I not have crossed paths with them? Surely I should have – I’ve met so many people. Is it that improbable? But I don’t know, and I still will continue not to know. The only way to find out is to try, and I’m quite happy that I’m trying – or at least I think I am. I think I really am trying.   So from a previous conversation, I found the opportunity to express ‘it takes one to know one’ and I realized to such an extensive reach just how true this quote is. For starters, it does not just mean it takes a person to know a person, nor does it mean it takes a set of personalities to know a set of personalities. It takes happiness to see happiness, love to see love, anger to see anger, hatred to see hatred, and understanding to see understanding. And this happens on a level much beyond our consciousness. Words are not necessarily required – all it takes is a short amount of time, sometimes as short as an instant. You’ll just know it. It’ll come in a surge of emotions and you will not be able to identify that emotion but you know it propels you towards that person. And you’ll just be attracted, or interested. This happens very often. Which is why hatred breeds more hatred, and anger breeds more anger. And happiness breeds more happiness. Because these emotions are so often found in people that it takes only a little tap to reveal it. That’s why people shout back when someone shouts, etc. I think I am quite untapped ahahaha. Tap me please someone. Of course the scale of interest is variable. The things you see in a person – the processing, the judgement, etc – all happens very quickly. So there is a great truth to this quote, and I think it would be useful to see this. The most beautiful thing about this is that for the more important and significant things, no words need to be spoken. From just a few sentences perhaps, comfort is established such that silence with a new stranger becomes pleasant. And that comfort, it branches out to many things. You’ll just meet a person, share an introduction, and you’re on your way. Chemistry.     I miss Australia very very much. I think I was tapped like crazy while I was there – from the weather, the environment, the lifestyle, the people, etc. I was able to synchronize my identity with it’s identity (LIKE THE AVATAR THINGY HAHAHA – just thought of a hilarious hair synchronizing skype moment). I am hoping something nice will happen in the upcoming weeks. Time to book in ~ be back on Saturday.


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