In Abundance

So there is an idea, and I’m not sure if this idea stems from my constant fascination for difference or mysteries, or from a defective life of under achievements, or from a passion for growth.

But there is an idea, one that may never reach it’s fullest potential, or one that would come to an abrupt end in it’s journey.

The idea is: What if there is a community of thinkers?

Here’s how it came about. The fascination with the education system, and the very mainstream definition of intelligent people are ‘those competent with maths and science’. Which isn’t wrong because the nature of world developments have been in maths and science. Now there is an abundant amount of mathematicians and scientists, and it takes more than just interest and passion to top. Everyone is studying maths and science, and even now in primary and secondary school the emphasis of ‘intellectuals’ circulate around the maths and science people. Slowly it is shifting, but surely there is no enough impact to make a conscious change onto the minds of the learners as a whole. Intelligent only becomes subjective when intelligence is displayed – in aspects like speech or wisdom or philosophy, or brilliance in art and music and creativity.

So we have a society of intelligent people – in abundance. What happens when things are in abundance? It becomes disposable. So mainstream intelligence now becomes disposable, and therefore clearly something needs to be done.

Dr Edward De Bono has done it – he has introduced lateral thinking. And along this path, many other scientists have begin to realize that the next step is fusing them, playing around, mixing around.

And from my knowledge of the brain, one of the best ways to extend our mental capacity and capabilities is to engage and develop other areas – art, humor, empathy – that right brained stuff.

If there exists a community that encourages the development of such factor – which I so happen to be immensely fascinated about – everyone could benefit from everyone.

It becomes an advantage. We have scientists, so make use of the scientists. We have mathematicians, so make use of the mathematicians. And there is no destination. There is only the will to be better than what you are now.
I presented this idea to my friend and he said, “So you want a community of psychobuggers?!” and he asked, “What for? It sounds like a therapy group to me.”

And this is exactly what it is. It is a sort of therapy group. But a therapy group in another definition is a group for growth, of accepting limitation and stepping up, and wanting more. It usually begins with the awareness of our infinite potential and I know how to bring that about.

So if you do enjoy brain development and such stuff, then why not?

We don’t need to keep up, we only need to be ahead.

“People want to know that they are not wasting their time.” – is what they used on us to try and convince us to sign on. But this is true. We do not want to to lose out to anyone, and we want to earn more than the average.

There need not specifically be a way to develop, which is the beauty of it. Any way is a possible way. You don’t need to learn about philosophy or music or art or whatever nonsense, you need only explore.

So this is the idea. A community, just a small one, that encourages creativity and thinking – NOT psychobuggers. There is nothing concrete yet, but it does seem like a noble pursuit.

It could be a platform that encourages the integration of ideas. For example if you are interested in politics then we could discuss politics. There could be stories, there could be news, there could be anything. There could be arts appreciation or music appreciation. The possibility is endless, because anything can be discussed. The distinctive difference between this and a forum is in it’s discipline. We seek to solve and explore and joke and humor ourselves, not critically criticize or argue and whatnot. It is focused on finding alternatives and possibilities, and not aimed at proving validity or righteousness or solving. Once again, anything can be discussed. You could talk about grasses and grasshoppers, or eggs, or structures, or mechanisms, etc. Because I realize a substantial amount of this state of being I am in stems from my conversations of utterly random rubbish with Javinson, Rosco, Diosa, Mark, Yi Ling, and many other people, so people is an important factor.

Crap so it is quite impossible for me to compose something that is meant to be open in a closed environment. I am sorry from this point onwards this entry becomes entirely self-conversing. Now that I think about it perhaps what I am seeking right now is people who could think in a similar way and at the same time seek people who are interested. It’ll be hard to be doing both at the same time though. Hmm. Damn it what a failed plan.

NO. It is not a failed plan.

K maybe partially failed.

What if I could just try to gather materials that could encourage such and then find the people and talk about it. But then that becomes entirely self serving and the growth is shared between two people only. So clearly you need a forum-ish thing you twat.

So forum. Mmm. But it is hard to govern such discipline in a public forum with strangers. Unless you gradually build up a forum or a blog-like thingy easily accessible online. I think I Diosa and the rest would be really, really keen to be a part of it. Wow I actually have interesting friends. Alastair could be of use too.

For now you only need the governing factor. OK ~



Oh man man man I have another problem. Assuming that everyone becomes agreeable that talking crap and thinking about silly humorous idea is beneficial and that for once in their lives such pointless conversations are actually useful, how do I actually get them to engage? Humor and ideas isn’t something that stays in place for a while. Most of the time it’s a passing thought, usually instantaneously in a conversation. Soon after the idea would be gone.
WOW WAIT. But look at me now. I am writing crap and more crap is coming in. So perhaps a forum-ish format could possibly be, to a certain extent, useful. It comes down to the topic of discussion. And accessibility. Usually they’d just want to talk. So something like skype or text or msn – that sort of thing – is necessary because ideas come and go very quickly. Oh whatever I am going to take a nap before booking in.



Earlier on at Starbucks I visualized a group where people could discuss, like a conference. I built on the idea of the ‘group’ and what came to mind was a forum, a community. I overlooked the conference bit, the constant sharing and throwing of ideas. Heat of the moment is now another critical factor that needs to be integrated. Provoking is also another factor. Therefore the discussion topic cannot be specific, but something very general, very broad.


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