Is it in the photography?

I’ve never actually given thought to the excitement I get each time I look through pictures of beautiful sceneries and landscapes from all over the place, and this got me thinking if my fascination lies in:

1) a need to escape; run from reality
2) simply a desire to travel
3) a desire to explore
4) simple love for amazingly well mixed colours and elements and great photography skills

I could spend hours simply just browsing and looking at these pictures. To me, each picture represents a certain specific beauty of this world, and it gives me great satisfaction to see these pictures through the perspective of the photographer and the lens of his camera.

It’s beginning to seem to me as if my incitement for nature may not be as well parred to my enthusiasm to appreciate photography. What excites me is not the picture, but the perspective of the photo – the angle, the height, elevation; the capturing of an essentially image that highlights and expreeses the meaning and emotions experienced by the photographer. This, I think, explains why I love National Geography and Discovery Channel so much. I love it – the documentaries, films, pictures, everything they offer.

Because National Geographic photographers are professional photographers, and they do what they do best to represent the beauty of what I love most; this world. Behind every picture is a set of stored emotions, and to be more specifically calculative now, imagine that there are 10 sorts of emotions, and each picture mounts and brings about a mixture of any of these 10 emotions, which equates to mean you can feel 3628800 different surges of emotions. And there are much more than just 10 sorts.

To empathize with the picture and the photographer, to appreciate their representation of beauty and appreciation is a past time I find to be extremely worthwhile. Some may find it redundant and a huge waste of time, but in a world such as ours – where everyone has access to everything, where we have freedom of speech, of experience, of expression, and freedom to question – I think what everyone secretly seeks is to understand their own lives. This does not help me understand my life – that would make little sense – but it just allows me to appreciate it.

I will travel someday, and perhaps I will learn to fly a plane then and not now, and I will see much more.

Random first few folders from my file. Gotta runnnnnnn.


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