About growing older

The thing about growing up is that when we think we’re old enough to think for ourself, we think we’re old enough to think for anybody else.

This is quite the case for me, and I wouldn’t say it isn’t natural to behave this way.

Now, my brother is a problem and I’d want the best for him. However, being older, I’d think that he doesn’t know what’s best for him and that I should step in and do something because I’m capable now. I don’t know what he’s doing and I dare say I’m not at all in his life other than when we are at home. He expresses interest in so many things – the core lying in his interest to build/mend things. So he says that he wants to be an engineer, specifically mechanical.

And I said: What? No, that is a silly profession. You won’t make enough, it won’t be enough.

I reflected on that statement. That is exactly what most other older people would say, so I think. So it is proven that we don’t ever give regards to the things peoplings say because they are not yet capable, unlike us because we are a generation of smarty pants. Knowledge is power, and more knowledge is more power and we have plenty of powerful people in a world of abundant knowledge carrying mediums (newspaper, media, social platforms, etc). And the more powerful ones are the ignorant smarty pants.

These people eventually become parents who then bear kids and carry on with their way of life, ruining many lives down the road. Kids are forced to do the biddings of the ‘older-because-I’ve-lived-longer-and-seen-more-than-you-so-you-better-listen-to-me’ people. There aren’t that many well grounded and informative people around to help mend the ways of these people and there are so much more of them now.

Our age of information is the cause of a defective generation. There is an overload of information. We may think that we are better – more intelligent, more adaptable, more wise than the older generation because of our ease of access to knowledge and information. We may think we are old enough to think for ourselves and live by our own values.

But we are wrong. We are not growing too fast. In fact, we are growing way too slow. There is too much media, information and knowledge circulating that we become choked to the extend that we can barely grab on to anything. We have bits of everything with barely enough time or space to absorb and understand them.

So who chokes first?


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