We win some, we lose some.

Motivated to write human relations problems, I thought I’d write a bit about something along this line.

We win some, we lose some.

We may win all but one, but we can also lose all but one.

We cannot pull anyone up if we’re not ahead first.

A friendship, or a relationship can go untested for years. I could go around flaunting my girlfriend or guyfriend of 8 years. But the friendship could break at the instant of a lowly test.

True happiness isn’t something that comes and goes. It builds. The other sort of happiness is well, the ignorant sort of happiness. It is the sort that disappears at the instant of awareness. True happiness radiates.


I’ll begin by saying – if you’re unhappy with someone and you’ve expressed deep emotions or tried so hard but you keep getting beaten and pushed back down, build on yourself and be happy. So if the person is an ass, or some sort of an ass (defined by not proving to be useful at all to you but they still attract you) then the only way to get out of it is to build on yourself.

We never fix anything with desperation. If I’ve learned anything from my past it is that the more we try to fix something we broke, the faster it’ll break because the reason it broke was because of our current state, then. So you’re not exactly fixing something, rather, you’re breaking it. I mean, we could blame it on so many things – external factors, he’s an ass, she’s an idiot, he’s too stupid to understand, she’s too emotional to understand, I got waaaaaaaay over my head, I was foolish, I was idiotic, etc – but how many of us relate our mistakes to ourselves? I mean, I could tell myself I was silly then, I’m not ALWAYS silly. I should try to be less silly next time.

But we always end up doing it again. That is to say, we are putting ourselves in this endless loop of turmoil that would never seem to end because it  keeps repeating itself.

Sometimes we don’t realize that the mistake is us. We are so consumed by the fear of a loose end, or of having to lose something or someone dear that we try all means not to. I think this is the worst kind of pain.

Need to shower/lunch/prepare for book-in. Miserable. Be back some other time.

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