Drunken Fury

My last post before booking in and being miserable all week again, I thought I’d share my first and only drinking experience.

It was a barbeque a secondary school friend’s house. At first my very intentions were to drop by and exchange greetings before making my way to the airport to read/write. However plans fail and change as they always do and I spent my entire night.. in a weird state.

There was obviously going to be drinking, obviously. My friends were known to drink occasionally and that occasion had arise. After the barbeque we went into the house and the card games began where the losers drink. I refused to play. One thing led to another and eventually I found myself drinking for reasons I cannot quite recall. Although, I’m sure it wasn’t peer pressure. Definitely not.

After the first glass, I sat on the sofa to observe my friends who were now beginning to act quite ludicrously. My closer friend said he would NEVER reveal the name of the girl he’s had a crush on for a long time and he’s kept that record for over a year. I think something wasn’t operating right because he blurted it out 5 minutes into the conversation.

The alcohol took effect on me a bit later. At first I was surprised by the fact that I wasn’t drunk yet despite the fact that none of my friends had succeeded in keeping quiet ever since their lips touched alcohol. I thought, ‘Damn I’m good’, so I took another glass.

I could recapture that deliciously warm and fuzzy sense of being one with my surroundings because I started blabbering soon after. Non stop. For a while. I would slide off the sofa, continue to be part of a conversation on why boys were such arses. Then I stood up, moved around from sofa seats to sofa seats, trying to find a comfortable spot to rest my head. While being drunk however, I thought about how men let go of their dignities when drunk and how thin the emotional control line was. Perhaps the only reason I was still in control was that I didn’t want to drink too much. Why does religion rigidly prohibit drinking? It made sense because men always want more than what they have. But the alcohol itself is not a taboo. Alcohol brings down the wall held up high by our morality and values.


Random: It was also hilarious when Sarah and Carisse turned pink from drinking and Carisse started dancing.


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