The white ball

‘You can only wish on a star that you cannot reach’

I am, and have been for a long time, truly mesmerized by a full moon. Nights like these are nights I look forward to. It is like being in the presence of a majestic greatness where I would feel incredibly spirited to dream and fantasize.

I love how it’s light illuminates the night sky; it’s beam shooting across in all directions, slowly shading into the darkness. And when a cloud passes by, you could see an entire spectrum of colours of white, red, and blue. More extraordinarily, how the clouds gather and engulf it’s lights to leave a single, shaded white ball.

The elements of the night sky can truly be appreciated on nights like these, sometimes clear or partially clouded. You could see, most of the time, Orion’s formation – once I’ve seen it’s full formation – and I’d just stand in awe and watch it.

The moon’s beauty, along with the skies and the stars, is particularly hypnotizing, and I wonder why not many appreciate it’s monthly presence. It has this ability to yank out my soul, and caress it to the point where I’d feel entirely disconnected to my surrounding. And it is truly cathartical for the soul, even if only for a moment.

The other thing about the moon is how we could see it move across the horizon, yet we can never witness it rise or set. It is like a light that keeps my hands forward and longing, yet knowing that I would never be able to embrace it. That’s life right there.




I’ve read the posts I’ve written over the past year and, while sligtly amazed by the things I write, I am quite embarassed at how unprofessionally personal the posts are. Wondering if I should start writing professionally.



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