Classical logic

So what is the big deal with classical music nowadays, anyway? What’s with the ‘social diversity’ or class that you get just because you listen to classical music? There really is nothing.

It pains me, a little, to see how society capitulate themselves – parents forcing their kids to listen to Mozart or Beethoven, or the fact that they pretend to be able to appreciate classical music and then get labelled a classical junkie – to societal opinions on classical music. There is nothing noble or grand or exclusive about it, it just is.

You could say that classical music back then was like pop music to their people. Beethoven wasn’t a genius – he just responded to the iron string that vibrates to his heart. He is no more popular than the likes of Michael Jackson, or Madonna, etc.

And all those myths about classical music making students more intelligent? Yeah, that’s crap. I think it simply instills this sense of exclusiveness; a diversity appreciated by those who cannot listen to them, and those who can. This in return encourages other attributes in the person to be more exclusive, or special. People realize. And being able to appreciate something not many can makes you think you are different, somewhat. The reality of it is that they are no more intelligent than anyone else. They just have different buttons. A great minority of people are able to comprehend and fully appreciate classical music, so I guess it is normal to feel special. 


So I listen to classical music, big whoop.


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