We must court him

We must court him; he does not court you. This is quite a golden rule to anyone who wishes to make change to other people’s life. But why? A friend brought up the point that while ‘society itself places materialistic intellect over one’s heart and soul’, he prizes the heart and soul above all, above intellect even.

So why should you take a step down? It is his loss – he is blind and wrong, and you are not. But selling your idea, and sharing your thoughts cannot be achieved by simply proving to others that they are wrong.

We should court them in their own worlds because: they are all clapped into jail by their own consciousness. And if we’re beyond that, we should not wait for them to realize, nor should we wait for them to come to their senses. Fight the enemy where they aren’t. While they may be in their own worlds, they are not there.

So if you would like to make change, you bring your world to them – their way.


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