The exception of great ideas and movements

Edit: (Conflicted post)


I’m not entirely sure if I should write this about this, but I thought that if I were to begin writing Science vs Faith, I’d have a better shot at achieving that through this. Some of my fears and doubts in writing this is to actually breed awareness or to challenge and violate mindsets, and I do not want to do that – it’s like collateral damage to the people around you. But I must because I want to.

I would focus mainly on an essential core that what we do are meaningless, but we still do because we want.

If humans were not the most capable beings of change in this world, and if animals were – say apes and monkeys or turtles (<3), how then would the world turn out?

If these creatures had the same brains as us – same capabilities for achievements and change – what would they do different?

Essentially, nothing. Because every intelligent life form in this universe do what they can – because they can.

This universe is what it is. Humans control nothing. Sir Isaac Newton was the first (to consider seriously in a global scale, after Aristotle) to seriously consider the idea that Earth was not the centre of our universe; this planet isn’t specially located. Many scientists of his time went against him, and right now that idea/theory is a fact.

This video explains the connectivity of our beings to each other. The video is an important aspect of this post, because it reveals to me that: we do not mean anything to this universe.

Our world; our mother earth, is dying. It is deteriorating so quickly. We begin to become more aware of the extreme situations that we face – the nuclear meltdown, earthquakes, damaged humanity, cruelty to nature. For every breath we take.. every breath, a mother dies trying to fight for her child, an animal dies for it’s resources and sport, a child dies from hunger, and nature dies because it can.

We begin to be aware of all the activities around us and we think that we are the cause. I feel that this is our ignorance, our curse. Because most of us feel that the pain of others is ours to bear. We feel that we know what is right, and what should be done because we have a mind and a soul, and that for as long as we can do something, we must.

A colony of ants live it’s life within itself. A human comes and destroy it’s nests. But what can they do? Nothing. This action by the human has it’s moral value – it is right/wrong – but it does not matter if it’s right or wrong because it does not matter if we are destroying our worlds or are building it – the most essential fact is that we can do it because we exist. We are able to destroy that ant colony’s life like earthquakes are able to destroy what we build. We do not exist beyond our existence and we mean nothing to anything else in this universe.

So, what exactly can we do for this universe? Nothing.

We are gifted with earth. This is our gift; what we take from the universe. And I think, while we may feel that we may not deserve it; that we need to preserve it – it does not matter if we don’t. There is an equilibrium that runs this entire universe, way beyond what we can imagine. There is a blueprint that we are not meant to decode.

And this is not within our control. We will use this earth, as we have and we have no means of regaining our resources. The oxygen we breathe in gets replenished by the greens that beautify our worlds – they are mechanisms meant to be there to create cycle and to create life. As much as we try to conserve and to save our planet – we have to accept that we cannot save it because we do not have that mechanism. We can prolong it, and we can, and we will when we must. I still have faith in humanity.

Now, we will lose our (human) world that we have created and protected with our own ignorance. Life comes and life goes. And this planet too shall pass.

I now come to main point of this article – that we, who have decided to save our planets with all our means, not be too consumed in it. We love our world as much as the haters hate it. We try to save our planet as much as others try to destroy it. And because we are able to connect passionately and righteously, we tend to become more focused and consumed by what we do to the extent that we might lose ourselves. We bring upon ourselves the burden and pain that we think our planet feels, that our animals and every other being feel, that we lose our ability to truly see what beauty lies before us. We get defeated by our emotions because we cannot comprehend why life unfolds itself in such a destructive manner.

And the haters, they just rule. Because while they cannot advocate their cause openly, they’re pretty much capable of doing what they want simply because they can, and they love it.

So why don’t we stop being too driven. Take a step back, we do what we can and we should not expect more than what we cannot.

Our planet, our world, our life is right here. We do not have to advocate our cause because we love it. We do not need to force our ways into the world, we just need to show it. We just need to love.

We love our cause, and we should indulge in it’s fruits and appreciate it’s beauty. Let nature run it’s cause. Because we are no different from the organisms that we know exist. We are still a part of this universe.


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