Influence is immoral

English subject in Secondary School has taught me to begin writing with extremely catchy statements, and Primary School told me to stop starting with ‘One day’ or ‘Once upon a time’ which has left me in a rut quite often while being in between but here it is:

My soul is a prostitute.

It is a prostitute because influence is immoral. To influence a person is to give (I use give to support my claims that my soul is being a prostitute. Truthfully you can use ‘show’) that person your own soul. And if you’ve successfully sold your soul, then you have influenced his mind. Because you have disrupted him from his own natural thoughts, and his thoughts are not his, but essentially yours – you prostitute.

We influence with our voice, our expression, our minds, and not with our words. Great minds who have written books have expressed their beauty in words; readers have the choice to read and retain without the existence or the presence of the writer to influence them – which eliminates reading as a form of submitting yourselves to the influence of others. It allows you to think for yourself.

And for all these reason, to influence is to be immoral. (concept stolen from The Picture of Dorian Gray)

But my purpose for the post is not to tell y’all how cool I am for reading books; influencing is detrimental if you are not ready for it.

A common human trait (largely found in Singapore) is the need to seek attention and reinforcers for your intellectual claims. (or bodily lumps claim for guys who go to the gym to work on their figure)

But to influence others with your self-reinforcing claims when you have yet to develop completely tends to rob you off your focus: you would find men who would largely support your claim because you have done something they haven’t, and the more weirdly courageous it is, the more encouraged you become. Sometimes, you fall short from your true purpose simply because it is incredible enough to be where you are.

But to not do so is more challenging. It is easy to live after worldy opinions and it is also easy to live in solitude, but the great person is (s)he who maintains a solitary mind in the presence of society. That’s not quite an easy task to achieve.

So to everyone who have been selling their souls before it’s complete, shame on you, pros******. Look at how much of people’s lives you have destroyed.


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