“What the bananas have we been doing?”

I once quoted the words from the Road Less Traveled, mentioning the four different levels of spirituality. It has suddenly occured to me why Jesus or Einstein couldn’t convince everyone: they were not on the same ‘next’ level as everyone else.

If a person who is unaware and completely ignorant were to meet a passionate and knowledgeable person of a certain subject, would he have the means to convince and make aware?

Not quite. See, the knowledgeable person is far beyond the unaware and ignorant stage. The passionate being would begin trying to convince the uninterested and unaware person about how beautiful his passion is, how it’s worthwhile, and how he should do the same: join the cause, make worth your own time, do something meaningful. But what good does that do; he is simply unmoved, uninterested, and sees no value and belief in you or your passion.

That is why Jesus and Einstein had a hard time proving to people that they were great men.

The unmotivated non-believer can only be convinced by the person in the next level – that is, the unmotivated believer. He is not yet ready to be convinced by the motivated believer because there is no similarity, no connections left. The father says to the son, ‘I’ve been there, I was once a boy.’ but he is no longer a boy. His mind and body has taken a new shape, and it has covered the track from the old one because it can only have one track. But a teenager who says, ‘I am still a boy, and I am learning to be a man.’ can perhaps have a better chance at making the son want to be a man as well.

Similarly, a person who has at all NO interest in wildlife cannot be convinced of it’s beauty by a wildlife enthusiast. Therefore it seems that while the highest stage is the only worthy stage to us, we cannot take any shortcuts. Jesus could convince those who are looking for spirituality; Einstein could convince all faith-seeking science enthusiasts who are looking for wisdom and answers, but they cannot convince Hitler. Most of our current movements and NGOs are, in this manner, not progressing. The NGOs and the movements are at, say, stage 3. They are fully capable of pulling people into stage 3 from stage 2 – that is, interested and unaware people. But to advance into the next stage takes a touch of self genius and immense encouragement, and a pull by one who is there already would most definitely help. How does an individual NGO advance to the next stage on a big scale? It is impossible to solve a problem with the same mind that found it, and most of the key individuals in all movements concern themselves with spreading awareness, hoping that numbers and masses would *probably* bring about a bright new mind that is capable of bringing them up a level. Bringing awareness should not be the primary focus but this is the main focus of all movements. You cannot have half a mind committed to bringing awareness and another half committed to making progress: it is simply a waste of effort. Yet, we see it as progress when we achieve much in making awareness as well as new discoveries and ways for preservation. And we are getting nowhere closer towards goal that we desperately need because we are half-committed. So who exactly is working upwards? Or are we all still just sitting and waiting like we were a decade ago?

Edit: Getting people to go to talks isn’t considered advancing because the fact that they’re there is a truth that they’ve been interested but unaware, and you have simply made them aware. You are not ‘getting more people’, you are simply doing a head count.

80% of the earth’s destruction have been done my men, reinforced by governments or leaders who say ‘Yes, this is the way, as we know the way so let us lead.’

Now we are left with 20% (figuratively) and the leaders say, ‘Hey, we ought to stop. Let’s stop.’ And they wash their hands off the problem, leaving and supporting the minority of enthusiasts to find solutions and ideas with no means or power to enforce it. The leaders have enforced their reign, and have been exemplary in their roles that they influence and they trigger change. They’ve shown red to a bull that is as reluctant to stop as you are to killing yourself without purpose. How much can these people do? Are they actually finding a solution, or just prolonging life and delaying destruction? We have found solutions to most of our problems but we cannot find the solution to THE problem.

There is no head.

There is no one to pull us to the next level.

And we are all catching fishes through our publicity and awareness campaign, hoping to pull into our boats a golden fish to make us all rich and happy. No one wants to be that fish; it’s quite impossible because we have submitted ourselves to our society that gives you your value and entitlement, and they have done so very well. No one can.

The urgency in these matters have inspired me strongly to push forward more, but I would like someone with me. The members of the Singapore Zeitgeist movement is a group whose direction I love very much, but I just know that we won’t get far in our current state.

Now, I need to look for people from the different stage and to be able to identify and manipulate my way through the stages, but aside from that, I have another cause carved into my soul.

What exactly are you doing to solve this?

To rephrase (from understanding, it is not at all accurate) Antonis from the Zeitgeist Movement, “Years ago I was taught to have hope, that change would happen, that the world would be better and people more beautiful. Here I am years later, seeing that same hope being taught to the mini people. There has been no change. What the bananas have we been doing?”

(Antonis provided me with a different expression of how we may look like we are progressing when we are actually not, in his views towards the conservation movements.)


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