I think a girl just tried to pick me up.


Reticular Activating System

Reticular Activating System, or RAS in short, is by far the most important perceptual tool that I’ve learned about, ever.

The RAS is basically the eyes of your mind. It filters all that your eyes see, and focuses on the main things, like a pretty guy/girl, or a door, or a cab, or anything that is of a threat.

Look around your room and look for something that is red, because red has the value now. Now, close your eyes and try to recall something that’s green or grey or blue. Almost everyone will not notice anything that their minds deem unimportant.

So how is this knowledge useful or any use in my fields of interest?

As I’ve mentioned before, the RAS is the eye of the mind. It is the eye, literally, of your mind – your thoughts, your impulses, your reactions, and most importantly, your values and beliefs.

Your values. And your beliefs.

Your beliefs.

If you believe that the only way to success is working hard, you’re only going to be able to succeed by working hard, and even that is not certain.

If you believe vengeance is achieved only by inflicting pain to others, you will see no end to the measure of how much pain you’ll cause to others.

If you believe that people will only treat you nicely when you’re nice to them first, then you’re going to reject strangers who are nice to you even though you’ve never met them, thinking that they’re sneaky with a creepy little agenda.

If you believe you’re only good looking if you wear a specific shirt, and when a girl praises you when you’re in something else, you’ll think that she’s mocking you.

All in all, what you believe you’re entitled to is a much as you’ll ever get in your life.

The RAS is an unconscious mechanism that is heavily reliant on your internal belief structure. It is so heavily reliant that most people become insecure because what they want to be entitled to, or what they want to see (which is programming their RAS) cannot be supported by their internal system.

The other problem when dealing with the RAS is the personality of the person. Most of us think that our personality is our personality. That I’m born shy and it’s hard for me to talk to girls. That I am always nervous in front of girls. That I am not a funny guy or that I’m too geeky or nerdy.


That is bullshit.

The fact is that as we grow up, surrounded by social conditioning and groupthink, our personality just gets boxed in as well. We’re empty vessels taking everything in to make sense of the world, and when we’ve done that, we think the things we’ve taken in are parts of the real us. And then it becomes hard to replace it because we are all creatures of habits. And habits reinforces itself.

Thing is, there is no real us. So does that make us all empty puppets? No. This is where genes come in. But most of the time genetics gets confused with environment and personality. It is genetic that you’re highly intelligent, but it is not genetic that you’re socially awkward. It is genetic that you’re a good swimmer, but it is not genetic that you can’t learn to dance well.

Our talents, our geniuses – that is real.

But our personality is not. And eventually, as we grow up, we build on our belief system and structure, and that too becomes real.

Now then, back to RAS.

What you believe you’re entitled to is all that you will ever get.

The last problem involves our habits to be mentally lazy and afraid. As humans, we are mentally lazy. We are always looking to save time and energy. And we’re very afraid and shy of our environments. We would rather learn something that reinforces something we ALREADY know, rather than something that goes against our beliefs. It’s natural, of course. Because if we’re wrong about this, what else are we wrong about? Learning something that goes against something you’ve lived with all your life would simply break you and your core confidence. We humans are self-righteous and egoistical (to an extent because we need to rely on ourselves) people; we would never allow that.

It’s because of all these reasons, and the ignorance of the mechanisms that operate our minds that we find ourselves horribly limited. And the only way, really, is to go against it. To dumb down, and prove to our mind that it’s wrong – which leads me to my other principle: Proof, not promises. Our minds will promise us that we’ll be punished if we shout in public, and get shunned and be forever stupid if we fail to pass the test. These promises are necessary for survival, but no longer logical. The numbers don’t add up any longer. For this reason, and solely this reason only, that we need to dumb ourselves to restructure our minds.

Of course, no one ever does this.

We all know why.

To wrap this up, it is important that we believe we’re entitled to everything. To change our minds to believe in abundance (NOT EXTERNALLY) and not scarcity. This post was merely just to address the most important system for anyone who wishes to get to places. If I had to share all the possible ways of achieving this, then I’d have to write a book. It is hard to move into a mental state of abundance, and much harder to have that state react and changes your reality. But if you truly believe that you are entitled to everything, that you’re no different from that fat, sly boss of yours, or that arrogant president, you’ll start to see how the environment starts changing itself for you because your RAS begins to focus on everything you’ve never deemed important before. It’s not all in the mind, but it starts from the mind.

And from this point on, we create.

So ask yourself – what have you been missing out on?

**note** – I feel horrible writing like this, but as of now my desire to sleep and share this bit of information is far greater than my need to write eloquently.

A life beyond the life

History. Art. Literature.

People. Strangers. Humans.

Joanne, Tansey.


I’ve mentioned this before, but a person has to be at a specific part of his life to be able to see and understand things differently – in ways he could never have imagined before.

We all have a past, a present, a future. For most of us, our lives are highly based on our past; our past tells us how far we’ve jumped, and our mind determines how else we can jump based on that experience. That becomes our perceptual future.

I am writing all these from memories. A memory of a short, recent trip to Sydney where I began a new chapter of things. And the memory came from this quote:

“The perpetual task of poetry is to make all things new. Not necessarily new things….” – T.S Eliot

I came across this quote while finding out about a girl named Tansey, an intelligent, christian lady that I met at the Sydney airport. The first girl I approached in the interest of getting to know her.

And right now, I can still clearly recall how beautiful life was at Sydney – the sun, the cold, gentle sea breeze, the sight of Darling Harbour and Darling Bridge pressed against the omnipotent Sydney Opera House. But I guess that’s normal. People, being so used to thinking that they’re confined to a place, tend to have their senses greatly amplified when they leave to see the world beyond their world. So, typically, Australia was amazing, and its majestic presence will never cease to amaze me.


There was an unusual amount of power that surged into me while I was there, and this power is once again flowing gently across my body, stronger than ever. I’ve never felt it leave my body; I’ve had it all these while. I feel like I could create a life with this, a legacy with an infinite amount of ways for me to be an achieving human.

Tansey, Joanne – both beautiful humans that my eyes have had the luxury of seeing, and this appreciation, I firmly believe, is beyond physicality. And if I ever see them again.. well.. I’m getting a drink.


What would it take.. to become a CEO of a company? To be a person with the capacity to make change. I would think, that a normal person would be beaten down by the thoughts of such ideas, and dumb down by their self-created boundaries. There would always be words to label the difficulties, the problems – family, environment, mind -, and their self-worth or societal value that’s been set in place ever since they sat for their first major examination. The tendency to put a word, a name, or a label to everything around us just so we could identify what’s happening, I think, is working against us.. like how evolution has.

I think language is our boundary.

I think that language, while it serves a great purpose for inter-communication between humans, kills the communication within the person. Our minds no longer act hand in hand with our hearts. And to keep this generally short, this has stifled our individual minds greatly, and has over-exaggerated a problem that’s caused us to be under-achieving creatures.

If we put aside all the labels and all the words we use to describe and express – and this on a higher scale really means to put aside language and communication and media awareness and instead focus on inner substance – then, I think, we would all generally be highly achieving people.


Emotions come in wave, (I’ll write a proper post on this some day) and most often we would find ourselves clinging on to great emotions, like how we would feel after a great, heartfelt movie, or an inspirational speech by the president before war, or just simply a piece of music performance or a concert. These emotions, while they are created from a place within, is not something we can control. But when they do come, we cling onto them so strongly because it makes us feel so capable and fueled to create, to act. Most often, we never fail to produce something out of it – something that we’re usually satisfied with.


So here’s a general estimation of how much energy or emotions that I have in me right now: I firmly believe that I will make it big.. really, really big. I will make it big, and I will make change to the lives of people around me, and beyond the seas.

I am a man of the present, and I am not the same man I was 10 minutes ago when I began to write this. Every moment is a moment in your life, and only you can choose how you’d like it to be.After all, you only have so many moments. If you choose to let it be wasted being angry or sad because of an external environment, you are choosing to be angry and sad. I would allow myself only to react with all forms of the world that has beauty and art, and everything in this world has beauty. I choose to always be happy.

New Boundaries

It’s 1.59am on a weekday, and I am on the wrong bed. (I ought to be in camp but I’m at home)

I stopped writing because I was in the process of constructing my belief on the sacredness of our opinions and expressions – that they deserved to be lived than to be short-changed by writing them in a blog entry. We owe it to ourselves to maintain the integrity of our pure opinions and ideas, and to not allow taint by the opinions of others – especially when you know not what the true value of your mind is, and of what you are.

I’m not sure how I ended up on this blog again, but while I’ve been browsing the internet in the past hour, it’s occurred to me that most of life’s beautiful things (and I am deeply, passionately in love with life) are often expressed in the most simplest and subtlest form, and sometimes real form may be formed from a series of interconnected moments. But really, I think I am only writing because I’ve missed it.

I also have a confession to make – I’ve recently (really recently, like 3 days ago – because of a friend) been listening to a repetitive bunch of korean music. There’s a particularly elevating emotion that fills me up while listening to the various few pieces of music, and I’ll inject one right here. I suggest you play it while reading ~

Right, back to writing then.

I want to write again because frankly speaking, it was because of writing that I had begun to seek some of the most amazing books in my life. I’ve about 80~ books now – each of them personally selected for specific reasons, and I am where I am as a result of choice. Writing has kept me driven to keep reading, and I’ve realized how much lesser I’ve been reading since I stopped blogging. Limiting belief? It probably is.

I’m blogging now again as a package I’ve designed for myself to keep me moving forward more.

So as an opening topic, today’s post is about the new boundaries I’ve pushed myself into. This is a general outline of ALL that I’ve been working on in the past 3 months. There’s been tremendous growth, yo.


– Groupthink

“William H. Whyte, Jr coined the term in March 1952, in Fortune magazine: Groupthink being a coinage — and, admittedly, a loaded one — a working definition is in order. We are not talking about mere instinctive conformity — it is, after all, a perennial failing of mankind. What we are talking about is a rationalized conformity — an open, articulate philosophy which holds that group values are not only expedient but right and good as well.” – Wikipedia definition

One of the things I’ve strongly been working on is the group-think phenomena, social conditioning, and understanding the filters that run through society. Human beings are mentally lazy. We want to save time and energy in all that we do – it’s a rule of life. As a result of group-think, we now live in a society of.. well I won’t coin a definition to it.. you know what it’s like. We always know what’s better for us, always. Yet, despite our intelligence, shit happens. Why? Group-think. We knew that the banks and the U.S government were taking the country in a bad direction, yet we still went with it despite the fact that we knew. We always know.

I’ve been working on how to overcome this and to be able to help people center their emotions and core confidence from within, from self-value – which leads me to primordial intelligence.

– Primordial Intelligence

Eckhart Tolle’s work has helped me understood the form of primordial intelligence – a core intelligence within the working mind which is free from any dysfunction and just purely.. intelligence. I don’t see myself as someone highly intelligent, but most of the time, when I’ve had highly intelligent answers or ways or solutions, I’ve noticed that it always stems from within. The ‘within’ is simply the detachment of our ‘self’ from our ‘mind’.

So I’ve been trying to figure this out – if there is primordial intelligence in everyone, how do you make everyone be in control of it? Sure, everyone’s had a glimpse of moment where they’re just highly intelligent but it’s all just by chance. Is everyone then equally intelligent? Does knowing yourself allow you to tap into this intelligence (which can be used for anything)?

Later I learned that it’s not exactly primordial intelligence, but simply living out of your mind. I was simply able to see my mind as a tool instead of being caught up in that intellectual thought with no control of anything else. And this control, this understanding that you are not your mind has allowed my mind to be used to it’s fullest potential.

Anyway, this is getting dry and I think I’m starting to get boring. So here’s more stuff I’ve been working on, in bullet point:

– Clarity of Intention (social skill)
– Freedom from Outcome (social skill)
– Habitual expression (Do-it-for-me)
– Humans are mentally lazy
– Theory of Evolution and how our traditions and traits come to form
– Reticular Activating System (social/belief) – will blog about this sometime, it’s amazing: what you believe you are entitled to is all you’re ever going to get – and how to change it. Aligns with ‘The Secret’ and the mindset of all the masters of their own area.
– Limiting Belief
– Success with Women (not kidding)
– Meditation
– Eastern Philosophy, religion and the Bible (King James and NIV)
– The Ascent of Humanity (technology and culture)
– The age of Separation (human philosophy)
– Proof not Promises – how the mind will promise you how things are going to turn out (social conditioning, environment) and how to go against it and prove it otherwise
– T.S Elliot literature
– Picking up girls
– Dancing
– Music Therapy
– Emotions, passion, what drives us, how to have it permanently, etc.
– Forcing our way into our art

For now, that’s all I can recall up to this point. Now to wrap it all up.

The list of things I’ve been working on basically drives down to: live your life, do what you want, and get what you want – all achievable by simply knowing yourself. Human beings are naturally beautiful and attractive. The ‘self’ is the core of our capabilities to feel: love, compassion, kindness. And knowing yourself simply makes you, you. It really is working towards the most perfect form of our imperfect self.

Thanks Sarah (;