A life beyond the life

History. Art. Literature.

People. Strangers. Humans.

Joanne, Tansey.


I’ve mentioned this before, but a person has to be at a specific part of his life to be able to see and understand things differently – in ways he could never have imagined before.

We all have a past, a present, a future. For most of us, our lives are highly based on our past; our past tells us how far we’ve jumped, and our mind determines how else we can jump based on that experience. That becomes our perceptual future.

I am writing all these from memories. A memory of a short, recent trip to Sydney where I began a new chapter of things. And the memory came from this quote:

“The perpetual task of poetry is to make all things new. Not necessarily new things….” – T.S Eliot

I came across this quote while finding out about a girl named Tansey, an intelligent, christian lady that I met at the Sydney airport. The first girl I approached in the interest of getting to know her.

And right now, I can still clearly recall how beautiful life was at Sydney – the sun, the cold, gentle sea breeze, the sight of Darling Harbour and Darling Bridge pressed against the omnipotent Sydney Opera House. But I guess that’s normal. People, being so used to thinking that they’re confined to a place, tend to have their senses greatly amplified when they leave to see the world beyond their world. So, typically, Australia was amazing, and its majestic presence will never cease to amaze me.


There was an unusual amount of power that surged into me while I was there, and this power is once again flowing gently across my body, stronger than ever. I’ve never felt it leave my body; I’ve had it all these while. I feel like I could create a life with this, a legacy with an infinite amount of ways for me to be an achieving human.

Tansey, Joanne – both beautiful humans that my eyes have had the luxury of seeing, and this appreciation, I firmly believe, is beyond physicality. And if I ever see them again.. well.. I’m getting a drink.


What would it take.. to become a CEO of a company? To be a person with the capacity to make change. I would think, that a normal person would be beaten down by the thoughts of such ideas, and dumb down by their self-created boundaries. There would always be words to label the difficulties, the problems – family, environment, mind -, and their self-worth or societal value that’s been set in place ever since they sat for their first major examination. The tendency to put a word, a name, or a label to everything around us just so we could identify what’s happening, I think, is working against us.. like how evolution has.

I think language is our boundary.

I think that language, while it serves a great purpose for inter-communication between humans, kills the communication within the person. Our minds no longer act hand in hand with our hearts. And to keep this generally short, this has stifled our individual minds greatly, and has over-exaggerated a problem that’s caused us to be under-achieving creatures.

If we put aside all the labels and all the words we use to describe and express – and this on a higher scale really means to put aside language and communication and media awareness and instead focus on inner substance – then, I think, we would all generally be highly achieving people.


Emotions come in wave, (I’ll write a proper post on this some day) and most often we would find ourselves clinging on to great emotions, like how we would feel after a great, heartfelt movie, or an inspirational speech by the president before war, or just simply a piece of music performance or a concert. These emotions, while they are created from a place within, is not something we can control. But when they do come, we cling onto them so strongly because it makes us feel so capable and fueled to create, to act. Most often, we never fail to produce something out of it – something that we’re usually satisfied with.


So here’s a general estimation of how much energy or emotions that I have in me right now: I firmly believe that I will make it big.. really, really big. I will make it big, and I will make change to the lives of people around me, and beyond the seas.

I am a man of the present, and I am not the same man I was 10 minutes ago when I began to write this. Every moment is a moment in your life, and only you can choose how you’d like it to be.After all, you only have so many moments. If you choose to let it be wasted being angry or sad because of an external environment, you are choosing to be angry and sad. I would allow myself only to react with all forms of the world that has beauty and art, and everything in this world has beauty. I choose to always be happy.


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