Aren’t we the same?

See, what different are we (activists, as I refer to the people around me) from the government or the state or the media?

The state is poisoning us with consumer culture, influence, media, and all that stuff. For those caught in it, they think it is good for them. And we, the ‘aware’ people, look from our side of the wall; what do you see? We think we see misinformed people. We think we see unaware people.

We get caught up in our effort to spread awareness. We get angry, angsty, sad, confused, lost, defeated at times, and other times we feel great, aware, and growing. We see flaws in the system, we address it. We try to make change in our own way. And that is good.

Change is good, as is knowledge. Knowledge is incredible when self discovered, but what happens with knowledge is that it is shared, and it spreads. Soon this knowledge becomes a tradition, as we see in our culture and our religion.

Are we any different now, from those who decide to follow the government? Sure, we are greatly different in an economic sense and interest groups, but are we still not acting on impulses, emotions, gut, trust, ego, belief? Do we not still act for ourselves?

Aren’t we all still seeking to validate something within ourselves?

See, if we exist and stand to validate what we think is right, then surely we must express ourselves. And when we express ourselves we differentiate ourselves from others. We stick to people we like, sure, that’s understandable.

But why can’t we be alone?

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