I love the night.

I enjoy long bus rides on empty highways and dark skies. I enjoy sitting quietly in the silence of the night (and it’s really quiet in Australia) and just do nothing. Or read, write, and listen to some slow music. But I seriously love the darkness. And I love space.

It is nice to be awake when everything else is asleep. Just the silence and the space and everything in between, and knowing that it’s the same everywhere else. Everything is just so quiet and still. A time to think, to appreciate, to feel.

I was in the bus from Melbourne to Sydney when I realize just how addicted I am to the night. Empty highway, cold night, and the stars so visibly seen spread across the clear, dark skies. It’s so therapeutic, and it’s probably weird to say this but I could feel life flowing through my veins. And it’s ecstatic.

People have their moments when they feel truly alive. What I’m trying to figure out now if it’s psychological, or is it simply a connection that you feel with the environment, and this would mean that it can take many forms.


Anyway, I’m everywhere right now. I’ll end this here.


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